Engineering Infrastructure:

 Structural engineering
 Geotechnical and dam engineering
 Roads and bridges engineering
 Irrigation and drainage engineering
 Technical audit of projects
 Environmental impact assessment and audit

Water Resources Engineering

 Feasibility studies
 Design and supervision of urban, rural and community water supply systems.
 Planning and design of dams, weirs and impoundments.
 Planning, design and supervision of irrigation and drainage projects.
 Sewerage disposal and water quality control

Cost Engineering:

 Cost planning and control
 Preparation of cost estimates
 Financial planning and budgeting
 Preparation of tender documents
 Preparation of financial statements
 Cash flow and final accounts

Project Planning and Procurement/Contract Management:

 Project identification, formulation and definition
 Project technical feasibility studies and reporting
 Project proposal analysis and appraisal
 Procurement management of project (service and works)
 Preparation of tender documents for all types of engineering contracts/works
 General supplies (stationery and furniture)

Construction management services:

 General building works
 Renovation and repairs
 Supply of building materials
 Construction of small dams and pans
 Construction of roads and bridges